Total Cost: $10

Step 1: Find a Plastic Pot

The first step is finding a plastic pot that you’d like to use! Try not to look at the material but look at the shape. Picture it completely painted and decide if you love the SHAPE only! I found one at the dollar store that was plastic. Super inexpensive and gets the job done.

Step 2: Paint the Pot with Chalk Paint

Paint the entire pot using chalk paint (regular paint would work too but the matte finish of chalk paint gives a more realistic faux stone look). I just used a foam brush and wasn’t worried about brush strokes since it will be sprayed with texture spray.

Step 3: Texture Spray

Once your paint has dried, apply thin even coats of the texture spray until you get the desired finish. It will be grainy, similar to sand.

An easy DIY faux stone planter for only a couple bucks!

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