When we moved into our new house a sectional couch was on the must have list for new furniture. I have wanted one for years but wasn’t ready to make the investment. Over the years, we have purchased several furniture pieces from Gardner White. They have a huge selection and their prices are always fair. We decided to look their first for our couch and immediately fell in love with the Whitney!

Anytime I post a photo of our living room, by far my number one asked question is “Where is the couch from!?” I decided it needed a dedicated blog post where I could link it for you and give you all the details!

Why the Whitney?

We went into the Auburn Hills location to shop around at different sectionals. There were a few that we liked but either the color or size wasn’t right. When we came across the Whitney, it was perfect! You can fully customize the configuration as well as choose from TONS of fabric options for FREE! How awesome is that!?

Auburn Hills Location

The configuration in the store was a bit different than the one we chose. (This one has the chaise lounge on one side) We wanted to make sure our coffee table (also from Gardner White) would fit within the couch so we opted out of the lounge end. You can click here to view the other configuration pieces! The possibilities are endless.

Our Fabric and Configuration

Choosing a fabric was TOUGH! There is so many options and colors. I wanted to find something that was neutral but still had enough depth to the color that it wouldn’t show dirt and dog hair. We narrowed it down to these few options.

Some I decided I thought were too light and others too dark so we ended up going with Thrillist Fog. It was the perfect blend of dark and light and I liked that it had a heather pattern to it to disguise dirt.

For the configuration, we went with the RAF 1 arm sofa and the LAF sectional.

We truly couldn’t be happier with how gorgeous this staple is in our home.

Check out Gardner White’s selection of amazing furniture pieces! They have something for every style and budget.

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