OH BABY! #2 is on the way – February 3, 2023

Week 4


I feel pretty good so far! I really wouldn’t know that I’m pregnant yet if I didn’t have a positive test. I’ve been tired and had upset stomachs but nothing too crazy out of the ordinary so far. I keep waiting thinking that it’s coming. We decided not to find out the gender and let it be a surprise! I’m excited for that. I’d love a girl so we can experience both but I also would be so happy as a boy mom. We told AJ too which was so fun!

Week 5


Week five was pretty uneventful. Other than feeling really tired and wanting to get in bed around 8:30 PM I haven’t really had very many symptoms. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way! I was definitely sick by this point with AJ so it feels a little weird. It is definitely a little bit stressful just because I hope everything is ok. I know that some people don’t experience any morning sickness, so I’m hoping that I’m just one of those people this time around! AJ is very excited to be a big brother. This week we told our siblings and all of the parents. I really don’t have a feeling one way or the other if it’s a girl or a boy, but TJ thinks it’s a boy! I’ve had a few moments of stress this week, feeling overwhelmed and wondering how we will juggle and make the adjustment to two kids instead of one. I also really don’t want AJ to feel like he’s being replaced. I’m not sure that he will share me well and I just don’t want him to be upset.

Week 6


This week was ROUGH. I thought I had a cold to start the week from AJ which quickly turned into all day and all night sickness. I struggled to get out of bed for the better half of the week and just wanted to sleep. Nausea, crazy upset stomachs and had no appetite. My anxiety is definitely creeping in. It’s always been an issue when I don’t feel well so I had a hard time this week. We had our first appointment to get lab work done and have our first ultrasound in 2 weeks. AJ seems to think there is two babies in there so we shall see.

Loving this week: avocado toast

Week 7


This was definitely the hardest week so far. I was sick with AJ but I don’t remember it being quite as intense as it felt. Maybe I just forgot? Idk! I feel like it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m pregnant. I remember it not feeling real the first time until I had a bump. It’s definitely tougher this time around with a 2 year old. I want to be able to be present with him but it’s so hard when I feel so crappy 24/7. I hardly got out of bed this week. All I wanted to do was be asleep because that was the only time I felt relief. Late this week, my doctor prescribed me Bonjesta which is making a world of difference. I take one at night with 1 unison and another Bonjesta in the morning and that combo seems to be the golden ticket. If you’re struggling with nausea, don’t hesitate to get something from your doctor. I still get nausea in waves, and mostly at night, but overall I’m 10x better than I was feeling where I can actually function and eat normal-ish meals. I got to perform this week at the Pistons game for the dancer reunion which was super fun but also I felt SO SICK.

Loving this week: goulash, subway

Week 8


We had our first ultrasound this week which was exciting! I was nervous leading up to it but felt so relieved to see your little heart beating. Your dad immediately said “it’s a girl, I can feel it”. I’m actually feeling really good about being surprised by the gender. I’m feeling so much better thanks to the new meds which is a God send. It feels so good to feel like myself again. I missed me. I feel bloated and gross but trying to remind myself that it’s because there’s a baby in there. Body image always messes with me during this stage of pregnancy. We head to Florida this weekend so I’m excited to get away and get some sun!

Week 9


This week has been incredible! We are down in Vero with Kathi, Ron and Mary Jo and Chels joined us for the weekend! TJ is heading back home on Sunday but AJ and I are going to stay through Wednesday. I haven’t had much nausea this week which is a blessing. I got pretty sunburnt at the beach mid-week. ???? I remember that happening last pregnancy too. AJ has been so fun to watch enjoy the beach and pool. We can’t wait to watch him be a big brother. He is so excited and we can’t wait for him to have a little built-in best friend.

Loving this week: Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, plain cheesecake

Week 10


This week has been mostly uneventful… I’m finally feeling better which is great and I’m able to get back to doing projects and feeling like my normal self again. My appetite is back and the only symptom I really have is that I start to get really tired around 6 PM. I’m feeling pretty bloated and I think I’m gonna show a lot quicker than I did with AJ.

Loving this week: candy

Week 11


This week was pretty good and uneventful! I finally have my appetite back and have energy to do projects which feels great. AJ is at a tough age right now and it’s hard being pregnant and feeling fatigue while trying to chase a toddler around. We found the doppler and AJ loves to try and hear the baby’s heart. We couldn’t find it and he wanted to make sure he didn’t have one inside his belly too.

Loving this week: Jimmy John’s

Week 12


I’ve had CRAZY upset stomachs this week. It’s been a bit debilitating at times. My upper abdomen gets super bloated almost like I have two separate bumps and I can feel the bubbling and gurgling on the outside. It’s very painful. I’m taking Pepcid and tums which helps a little bit. Hoping it’s all just from everything getting shifted around in there as baby grows. We had an ultrasound this week and baby looks healthy! It was fun to see you moving around in there. Measuring 2in long!

Loving this week: Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and Jimmy John’s

If you weren’t around for my pregnancy with AJ, you can read about it here and compare the differences! Click here to read about the second trimester with baby #2!

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