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First Trimester Recap
Second Trimester Recap

Week 28

March 27 – April 2

Hi baby boy! It’s crazy how big you are getting. This week you were as big as a head of lettuce and your kicks are getting so strong! I can feel you moving around now instead of just kicking. This week we have been in quarantine from COVID-19 and have been using the time to get the house packed up. We are basically ready to go! We should get the keys to the new house next week and we are so excited.

There is a lot of unknowns in the world right now with the virus going around but one thing we do know is that you are loved and God has us covered. We are choosing to believe that as we navigate this weird time. We fully believe that God had us looking at houses early so that we would be set up before this pandemic began. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious about it all. I feel like I am missing some great joys that I was looking forward to during this pregnancy. Coming to terms with the fact I probably will not have a baby shower, not being able to see or spend time with my dance girls as you grow… there is just so much going on. I am trying to keep my focus on the bigger picture. YOU were chosen for us and YOU are coming so soon. We can’t wait to meet you sweet thing.

My feet have been KILLING me this week. Like unreal pain. I think I have developed plantar fasciitis and its no joke. We have been taking a lot of walks so I don’t think that’s helping much… but we are desperate to get out of the house and get some fresh air during this lockdown. 

Symptoms: SORE feet, sore ribs

Cravings: thirsty for cold water more than usual, graham crackers, mcdonals, cake

Week 29

April 3 – April 9

Hi little mister – this week we have been preparing to move into the new house and we couldn’t be more excited! Everything is getting packed up and your dad loaded the moving truck yesterday with Steve’s help. It’s weird not being able to share my pregnancy with my family and friends due to this coronavirus and it has posed some challenges with moving/our timeline. We have to remember that ultimately God is in control. I just keep picturing the day that we meet you and none of this will have mattered. The love we already feel for you is unlike anything I have experienced and I can’t wait to see your sweet face. Last week I ordered some insoles for my shoes and it made a WORLD of difference with my feet. I’ve been living in crocs and insoles like a real fashionista. Your kicks are getting so strong and I can tel that you are sitting lower in my belly now than you were before. Love you buddy.

Symptoms: uncomfortable ribs occasionally, easily fatigued, very emotional

Cravings: Pickles, funfetti anything, graham crackers

Week 30

April 10 – April 16

It was moving week! We are finally in our new home and it’s never felt so good! But holy crap… moving while pregnant is EXHAUSTING. My feet are killing and I’ve developed a carpal tunnel in my hands that keeps me up at night. It’s no fun! I’m starting to feel anxious about your arrival… not that we aren’t prepared for you but our house isn’t ready. We have been working so hard to get everything in it’s place and I was able to get your room started! This week has been pretty hard on my body. I can tell you are running out of room in there. I am starting to understand all the third trimester jokes of “everything hurts and I am dying”. You’ve been loving to sit on my right side which has been affecting my hips. I look like an old lady with all my pregnancy gadgets… heating pad, crocs with insoles, pregnancy belly band, wrist bands for the carpal tunnel, compression socks. LOL I am very fashion forward these days.

Symptoms: carpal tunnel in hands, sore feet, slightly swollen feet, acne, upper back needs to crack

Cravings: waffles, pickles, graham crackers

Week 31

April 17 – April 23

It’s funny… as I try to recall this week I feel like all the days are running together. This quarantine has really messed with my head. I feel like I never know what day it is and I’ve never wanted to be able to see my friends/family and go out to eat so badly in my life. Being pregnant and not being able to fill your cravings because you can’t go out to eat at a restaurant, get takeout OR have same day groceries. It’s a weird time. We got all the furniture put together in your bedroom and it feels SO GOOD! We are getting more and more ready for you each day baby boy. I can tell that you are still growing. Not sure how you are gonna fit in there if you don’t slow down! Lol I’ve been having lots of body aches. My ribs, hips and back have been sore but I think it can also be attributed to the house projects I have been cranking out. Your mom has a hard time sitting still when things are left on the to-do list and some days this week I paid for it physically.

I cannot wait to hold you and see your face. I am praying that all of this COVID-19 stuff is over by the time you arrive so that we can share your cute newborn-ness with our family/friends. It sure can feel like a lonely time doing all this by ourselves. I keep joking that I am going to have a baby when quarantine is over and no one will even know I was every pregnant because I’ve been in my house quarantined since my bump started arriving.

Symptoms: sore right hip, swollen feet, sore back, tossing and turning all night, CARPAL TUNNEL

Cravings: juice/fruity drinks, oatmeal

Week 32

April 24 – April 30

Your room is getting so close to complete sweet boy and we are getting so excited to meet you! This week we have been cranking out projects at the new house trying to get everything done before you get here. I had an appointment this week and they said everything looks great and you are growing perfectly! You’ve been moving so much this week my stomach looks like there is an alien inside sometimes LOL Quarantine is still very much a thing and we are still under the stay home order… gosh I hope it lifts soon. I am terrified people won’t be able to hold you when you are born and that makes me so sad.

Symptoms: swollen feet (losing sight of my ankles lol), carpal tunnel, Charlie horses in my calves at night, strong baby kicks, raging heartburn

Cravings: banana nut crunch cereal, fruit juice, chocolate 

Week 33

May 1 – May 7

Oh boy (literally). This week has been exhausting. My body is struggling hard this week and I have been trying to rest and keep my feet up. My ankles have been so swollen and my feet have been so sore that they throb at night. Your dad is HARD at working laying the floors in the house and he is doing AMAZING. Like wow. You will be impressed. Usually we would span all these projects out over time but we are rushing to have our house fully in order before your arrival. I sure hope you are planning to wait until closer to 40 weeks because we need a little bit more time to get the house back together! My carpal tunnel has reached new levels. I have hardly any strength in my hands and my fingers are always tingling. It’s the weirdest thing. I also think I’ve cried over small stuff about 100 times in the last 3 days. #hormones Anyways… you are growing like crazy and we are getting so anxious to meet you and see what you look like! I just keep thinking that this is the house you will come home to in a little over a month. When you think back to your childhood… you will remember this house. UGH it makes me almost cry thinking about it. I swear you are doing the wave in my stomach sometimes. We like to sit and watch my stomach as you roll around. I can tell you’ve got tight quarters now and are itching to get out and big stretch. We love you little one.

Symptoms: bad carpal tunnel (new wrist braces at night are helping), swollen ankles, big movements that can be seen across the room, fatigue/winded easily, uncomfortable ribs

Cravings: dessert immediately after dinner

Week 34

May 8 – May 14

The floors are DONE!!!! It feels so good. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Although, we have a lot of other things we would like to get done before your arrival, we feel good that at least the biggest project is tackled. Your dad did SO GOOD! Your dad also started officially working this week which is so exciting! Everything is falling into place and we get more and more excited to meet you everyday.

Symptoms: SUPER tired all the time, lots of baby movement on the right side, baby feels lower (I can feel a different pressure in my pelvis), swollen/sore feet, trouble sleeping at night, stuffy nose at night, carpal tunnel (hands feel tingly all the time)

Cravings: wheat thins, red grapes, fountain pop, dessert

Week 35

May 15 – May 21

I have reached the point in pregnancy where everything is uncomfortable. It feels so weird to not have control over my body like I once did. I know that the baby will all be worth it but the swelling in my legs and feet, pressure in my pelvis and baby boy all up in my ribs is making regular life tough. If I am on my feet for even 20 minutes, they blow up like balloons. It’s hard to believe we only have 4 weeks left. We are ready to meet you little one! Your dad is officially in full swing of working at the vet hospital and he is loving every second of it. I can’t wait for you to meet all your fur siblings! I don’t they are have any clue what’s about to happen around here! We are hanging in there tho and getting prepped for your arrival.

Symptoms: swollen feet, sore feet, pressure in pelvis, ear ache, tingly fingers, uncomfortable ribs in the evening

Cravings: anything sweet, ice water, wheat thins

Week 36

May 22 – May 28

This week has been tough. My body is really fighting me and my swelling in my feet and legs has slowed me down a bit (which is probably a good thing) I am so ready to meet our little guy. I can’t wait to see his face and get to know him. Part of me is absolutely 1000% terrified for labor and the other part of me is ready to take on the challenge. I had an appointment this week and they confirmed that AJ is head down and getting ready to make his debut! I’m thankful and feel blessed that we haven’t had any complications or issues in pregnancy so far. I wish I knew when he is planning to make his arrival and I’ve also been so curious about his size! I feel like my stomach keeps growing and growing! How will he ever get out of there!? Scary to think about!

Symptoms: swollen feet (none of my shoes fit), random panic attacks at night, always hot, uncomfortable ribs

Cravings: Bai Bing Cherry drink, smoothies, desserts/sweets


May 29 – June 2

This weekend I was able to have my baby shower with the Vernaci’s as the state is starting to reopen with COVID. It was the cutest thing and felt so good to be around our friends and family again. Everyone put in their predictions for baby boy’s arrival date but no one expected that when we were guessing on Saturday that he would make his debut the very next tuesday! Sunday night I was almost 100% sure I lost my mucus plug but I know that you can go a couple weeks still before delivering so I didn’t think much of it.

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