Oh BABY!!! October 8, 2019

Hi baby! Today we learned that you exist and it was the most surreal moment of my life so far. I had always imagined that I would find a cute way to tell your dad that you were on the way but the moment that stick turned positive I just couldn’t wait. I ran into the bedroom (he was asleep after an overnight shift at MSU) and I woke him up asking him if he saw what I saw. We both were so overjoyed knowing that God had answered our prayers. Part of me didn’t believe that it was real… I went to the store and bought several other tests because I wanted to make SURE you were in there. They all were positive. I have so much joy in my heart and love for you already. We can’t wait to be your mommy and daddy.

Week 4


Things are picking up quickly around here and I am starting to experience some pretty intense upset stomachs (thanks hormones!) The doctor assured me that everything was ok and my body was just adjusting to the little thing growing in there. This week was a tough one. I was traveling to New York for a work trip with my mom and she still didn’t know the good news. I am HORRIBLE at keeping big exciting secrets like this from her so I knew this week would be such a challenge. TJ and I both wanted to be there when we told her and we weren’t able to meet up before the trip. I felt pretty good throughout the trip but required 1 or 2 naps between the conference and dinner. I thought for sure my mom would catch on but she didn’t. WIN!

Week 5 & 6


You hear about morning sickness right? Well… no one ever told me that morning sickness really was all day and night sickness. (YUCK) For these two weeks, I really struggled to even get out of bed. I had no appetite and just felt crummy all the time. You know when you’ve had the flu for a few days and you start feeling better so you head to the grocery store only to realize you did too much too quickly? It was kind of like that. No food sounded good, upset stomachs, the works. It was no fun. I know that you will be worth it, sweet little babe, but you sure were making your presence known these 2 weeks.

Week 7


I am starting to feel a little bit better this week but the “morning” sickness still hits me in waves. I’ve noticed that if I keep a little food in my stomach at all times… the nausea seems to be better. We had our first intake appointment with the OB this week and things are getting real now! We talked all about you and the do’s and don’t of pregnancy. I also had some routine labs to get a baseline as you grow.

This week was also Halloween and I almost had to miss out on the festivities because of the sickness. You better learn now that your mama loves a good holiday party! 🙂

Week 8


We had your first ultrasound today and it was so surreal seeing you on the monitor. It is crazy how little you are but how quickly you are developing. The doctor told us that you are a week younger than we thought so our new due date is June 19. This is the first week I have felt pretty good. I was able to get the Christmas decorations up and have been able to eat normal food! YAY! Other than some random morning sickness when I first get up in the morning I have felt pretty good this week! I am hoping that it stays trending in this direction and we don’t go back down the sick path.

Cravings: Chilis, Sour Skittles, Peanut Butter Toast

Week 9


This week I have been feeling great. Other than a little bit of morning sickness when I first wake up, I feel like my normal self. We had some photos taken for our pregnancy announcement and they turned out AMAZING (shoutout to Roam Life Photos). You can check them all out here, but here is a couple of our favorites!

Week 10


Pregnancy is a pretty crazy thing and it is crazy that everyone’s body handles it differently. For me, I feel like my normal self… yes, I get sick every once in a while and I have been tired but overall I don’t really feel pregnant as weird as that is to say. This week was a pretty cool one. We got to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time. The doctor said everything is measuring perfectly and our little ones heartbeat was 168bpm. If I am honest, I was pretty nervous/anxious for this appointment. Because I had been feeling so good this week, I was afraid something had to be wrong. I was trying to prepare myself for there to be no sound on the monitor. I think it still doesn’t feel real to me because I am not showing yet. I know a baby is in there, because we have seen it on the ultrasound and heard its little heart but when I look in the mirror I can’t see the proof yet. As weird as it sounds, I am so ready for the bump. I want to feel my little one kicking around in there and getting to experience the joys it brings.

I still can’t decide what I think the gender is. At first I thought it was a girl (secretly hoping) but over the last couple weeks I have been feeling hopeful and excited at the chance to love a little boy. A little rockstar to play sports with in the backyard and to have that mother/son bond with… but then again… I am all about the bows, the dollhouses and the make believe. Only a few more weeks until we find out if baby is a he or she and I can’t wait! We also announced your arrival this week to the world! It feels so good that the secret is finally out. I know most people wait until the end of the first trimester to share the big news but we decided we just couldn’t keep it in any longer. Hello world, here comes baby!

Week 11


This week has been pretty good so far! I am feeling like my normal self other than wanting to be in bed by 8pm! I have always been a napper/lover of sleep but this week I have been extra tired. I haven’t had much nausea which is a blessing. I had a check up appointment and I got to hear your little heartbeat again. We could hear you moving around in there. It is crazy that something is living inside me that is moving around but I can’t see it or feel it yet. It’s pretty wild. Next week we have another ultrasound so I am excited to see how much bigger you look in there! This week I am back thinking you are a little girl. I keep going back and forth but I think I am going to stick with my gut feeling and predict girl. HEY GIRL HEY!

Week 12


This week was an exciting one. We had another ultrasound this week during our nuchal test and let me tell you it was SO COOL. The baby has grown so much and is moving around like crazy. It seems so strange that it’s moving around so much but yet I still can’t feel it. The baby was putting its hands in its mouth and stretching all around. Preferred position was laying on its side facing toward my back. How unreal!! I am so excited for my bump to start making its appearance. For now, its mostly just bloat since my insides are being rearranged to make room for the little babe. Only about 1 more month until we know if you are a boy or girl!! YAY!!!!

Week 13


This week I am feeling pretty sure its a little girl in there but who knows… I could totally be wrong. We officially picked a girls name so maybe that is why I am feeling that way! We are really struggling with coming up with a boy name that we love. We decided to just wait until we know the gender before we really start stressing about it. This week I have been a little more queasy than I was before. I have always had an issue with drainage in my throat and for some reason since pregnancy it’s ramped up x20. I have a had a few migraines that knock me out for the night. I can’t seem to get relief. Other than that though, I am feeling amazing. It still feels crazy that I am growing a little person in my belly. I still don’t have a “bump” yet. I thought I could start to see it in week 12 but after my ultrasound she confirmed that the baby was still low down by my hip bones. She said by week 20 my uterus should be up near my belly button so everyday I wake up and hope to see a glimpse of our little babe but nothing yet… stay tuned! I am feeling like it will “pop” in the next couple weeks! YAY!

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