We have officially made it to the final trimester! If you missed it, you can read my first trimester recap & second trimester recap for baby #2!

Week 29

7/29/2023 – 8/4/2023

This baby is a freaking ninja! Like holy crap. Constantly kicking and moving! I am so convinced it’s a girl even tho I have no evidence to prove it I’m carrying pretty high and I’ve had two people this week tell me that I look like I’m about to give birth… ps. Don’t say this to a pregnant lady who is already body conscious. I’ve been so tired and starting to swell a little bit in my ankles. Even though things are going smooth, I’m ready to get this baby out! My heartburn is INSANE & I just can’t wait to know if it’s a girl or boy!

Loving this week: Lipton diet green tea citrus, lemon poppyseed pancakes

Week 30

8/5/2023 – 8/12/2023

I am so exhausted this week. So many late nights and on my feet a ton prepping for the 1M bash. I really am feeling third trimester this week. I’m starting to get super swollen in my ankles and feet so I’m trying to sit down as much as possible (it’s impossible for me 😆) and wear my compression socks. I’m exhausted and ready for this baby to come. I had an ultrasound this week and baby is head down and 3lbs 12oz! In the home stretch! My heartburn has been INSANE but it’s manageable. Also my belly button has popped like a freaking Turkey popper 😂 it didn’t do that with AJ

Loving this week: I legit ate an entire watermelon by myself in 4 days 😂 and PASTA SALAD STILL

Week 31

8/13/2023 – 8/19/2023

Naps are a necessity these days or I’m toast by like 7pm. And let’s be real… I’m still ready for bed at 7pm even if I do nap. I’m hoping the nesting energy urge kicks in soon because I don’t know how I’m going to do this for for another 8 weeks. Baby is moving like CRAZY which is super cool. The anticipation is killing me to know the gender and when baby will make his or her arrival. I’m betting on little girl coming the last weekend of September.

Loving this week: iced coffee and sweets for breakfast

Week 33

8/27/2023 – 9/2/2023

I’m so ready for this baby to be here. I have nothing to complain about other than I’m tired and ready to have my body back. I’m super anxious (in an excited way!) to find out the gender and just secretly hope I go into labor each day. 😂 The baby has officially run out of room so the thought of baby growing for another 7 weeks potentially is terrifying. We have another growth ultrasound next week so I’m interested to see how big the baby is. I’m so tired all the time. I feel like I have no motivation left for anything besides napping. We are in the home stretch! I’m so excited to have my family “complete”! We also took our maternity photos this week which I’m so excited to see! Our last photos as a family of just 3!

Loving this week: cereal, watermelon

Week 34

9/3/2023 – 9/9/2023

I am so ready to meet this baby! I keep feeling like labor is so close but then remember I could potentially have 6 more weeks. It’s insane! Baby is measuring about 5.5lbs and everything looks good. I’ve had terrible heartburn, especially at night! I had it with AJ but I don’t remember it being quite this intense. I could have swore I was going into labor this week. I was having what felt like contractions in the night that were about a minute long, 5 minutes apart and lasted an hour. I talked to my doctor and they said it’s likely Prodromal labor or “false labor” because they eventually stopped and didn’t intensify. I’m anxious for giving birth again. It’s funny how you remember it hurting but you can’t remember exactly how bad 😂 I think that’s part of Gods design so we actually are willing to have more kids! 😂 the swelling is picking up in my feet so I’m trying to put them up as often as I can.

Loving this week: nature valley oats and honey granola bars & Starbucks iced coffee

Week 35

9/10/2023 – 9/16/2023

Is it time to have this baby yet? I swear I’m running out of room and I don’t understand how the baby is going to grow anymore. Tons of movement this week and tons of heartburn 🙃 I definitely feel like I’m carrying the baby differently than AJ and I’m so anxious to find out the gender! I’ve been able to manage my swelling in my ankles and feet pretty well, which is a huge win… Although I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. TJ finally was able to feel some crazy baby kicks which was exciting! Seems like every time I tell him the baby is moving it gets shy. I’ve been wanting to nap… a lot. Pretty much if you need from 3-5pm during the day… I’m probably asleep 😆 whoops.

Loving this week: Starbucks white chocolate mocha + banana bread

Week 36

9/17/2023 – 9/23/2023

I had a doctors appointment this week and they said I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced! Although it doesn’t tell us much… it can stay that way for days/weeks or change in an hour 😂 but at least something is happening! I had some sort of cold/flu this week that truly kicked my ass but I’m finally feeling like I’m starting to recover. I’ve had a horrible cough and congestion all week and zero energy. I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible. The pregnancy insomnia is real this week. I’m usually so quick to fall asleep but lately it’s been taking me 1-2 hours 😳 and then I’m right back up again to pee and toss and then the rest of the night. I’m so dang ready to meet this baby. It’s officially run out of room to grow and everything inside is smushed and uncomfortable.

Loving this week: dessert, ice water, fruit juice

Week 37

9/24/2023 – 9/30/2023

Every time I go to bed I really feel like tonight has to be the night and then I wake up the next morning… And nothing. I just keep praying for patience. I am uncomfortable all the time. The only time that I feel good is when I’m laying down in my bed, which makes me feel lazy, and very unproductive. I realize that I should be soaking up this time of just resting but it’s super hard for me to do when all I wanna do is get things done. I had a doctors appointment this week and they said that I’m almost 3 cm dilated, so I was hoping that that would mean baby is coming. I also think I’m very anxious to have the baby because we are coming up on a few events and the grand opening of Dixie veterinary Hospital and I’m really afraid they’re all gonna fall on the same day. my heartburn has been really bad at night, but Pepcid seems to be helping and I can’t sit in the same position for too long or I start to get really sore. I’m actually surprised that my swelling has been pretty mild and I haven’t had carpal tunnel this time around. I’m so anxious to know the gender of the baby! I can definitely tell that the baby is low because every time I walk it feels like it might just fall out. 😂

Loving this week: fruit juice (all kinds!)

Week 38

10/01/2023 – 10/07/2023

This week has been one of the hardest… I thought I was going into labor on Sunday, so we went to the hospital but my contractions kind of tapered off and they ended up sending us home. It’s been quite the mind game wondering and waiting for when this baby is going to arrive. I feel like my body has given up. If I’m on my feet for even an hour, I have to get back in bed. The baby feels so heavy and I have so much pressure in my pelvis. I’ve been super crampy and my stomach has been a mess. I’m so ready to be on the other side of this pregnancy, but I’m also terrified of labor. And it’s really scary that I have to go through labor to get to the other side. My doctor said I’m still 3 cm dilated and I had another growth ultrasound this week and they said the baby is 6lbs. 9oz. They said that I could elect to be induced next week if we so choose but I’m unsure how I feel about it. Getting to the other side sounds amazing, but I also have heard a lot of horror stories about being induced and I had such a good labor with AJ when it happened naturally. Currently typing this from my bed… Which I hate… I feel so unproductive, but I have no motivation to do anything. Hopefully this is my last update and next week I can tell you that I had a baby!

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