5 Items You Need to Survive Your First Week as a New Mom

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Navigating becoming a new mom can be so overwhelming. You bring home this little bundle of joy and then you think “…now what?” Although every baby is different and will need different things, here are 5 items that I highly recommend for surviving your first week as a new mom.

5 Must-Have Items

  1. Ollie Swaddle

    • When babies are in the womb they are used to being cozy and in a tight space. The ollie swaddle mimics how they feel in the womb helping them to calm down and relax. It also keeps their arms by their sides so they don’t wake themselves up with their startle reflex.
  2. Waterproof Changing Table Pads

    • Let’s face it, babies are messy. You get a super cute changing mat that matches the nursery decor and then you change your baby once and it’s time for laundry. These mats can be placed right on top of your changing pad so that if anything gets on them when you are changing your little one you can just swap it out for another and throw that one in the wash. It has saved us A LOT of hassle.
  3. Frida Mom Ice Pads

    • The hospital will give you ice packs after delivery to help soothe your recovery and there are so many different brands out there but I would hands down, 10/10 recommend the frida mom ice pads. They are super comfortable, absorbent and stay cold for a long time. I tried several brands and these were by far above the others.
  4. Wyze Portable Monitor

    • This portable monitor camera is a SUPER affordable way to keep and eye on your baby around the house. Chances are… you have one that mounts above the crib but do you have one that can be moved around easily? This $20 solution is perfect for naps.
  5. Glow Baby Tracking App // App Store // Google Play

    • When I was first starting to breastfeed, I didn’t have a good way of tracking how much he was getting and I would always forget which boob I fed him off of first. This app is a life saver. It has timers for each boob, reminds you which boob you left off on and you can track all kinds of things like diapers, activity, food, etc.

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