How to Caulk Like the Pros For Beginners

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Caulking can be something that seems intimidating but with these simple tips and tricks you can caulk like the pros!   kids bouncy castle

Things You Will Need:

Step 1: Clean

Clean the area you are going to be applying the caulk and make sure its dry before you get started.

Step 2: Open the Caulk Tube

Use a utility knife to cut open the top of the caulk tube. Most caulk guns come with a hole that can be used as a spout cutter but you get a more clean cut by using a box cutter knife if you have one. Use your judgement for how big of a hole you want based on the thickness of the caulking job necessary.

Step 3: Apply the Caulk

Apply consistent pressure as you pull the caulk down the seam. You may have to go back and reapply in some places that need more. Finish one full pass with the caulk before going back to apply more.

Step 4: Use the Water

Dip your finger in the water dish and smoothly run your finger down the caulk line. As the excess builds up on your finger, wipe it on the washcloth. Wipe your finger off and re-dip in the water dish to continue with a fresh finger. You may need to use your damp cloth to wipe some of the caulk away that spread too far on the sides.

Step 5: Repeat!

Keep working in this pattern until the area you are caulking is complete. Allow to dry per the recommended times on the back of the caulking tube.

Ta-da! You’re as good as the pros!

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