I get a lot of DMs on Instagram with people asking for decor advice for their home. Sometimes you get stumped and just want a second pair of eyes on your space! I thought it would be fun to launch a segment called Spruce My Space where I let you submit photos of your home and every Friday I will randomly select some and share my thoughts with you all on my Instagram stories. I am sure a lot of you have similar set ups in your home so by watching my design suggestions, it might spark ideas for you in your own homes!

How to Submit Photos:

SPACE #1: Living Room

Things I would do:

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SPACE #2: Dining Area

This space is SO cute. I love the minimalistic look. I wouldn’t do much in here. I think it would be really cute to have two sconces on the back wall. TIP: they do not have to be wired. Just hang them on the wall and put light bulbs in them (people will just assume they aren’t on!). I would add a piece of art above the cabinet and call it a day!

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SPACE #3: Bedroom

This space is cute just needs a few things to make it look complete. I always recommend adding a headboard. I like the decor that she has above the bed but I would bring it down a little and spread the items out to give them some padding. I would add two reading lights above the nightstands (they don’t have to be wired, you could use the puck light trick) and a bed bench!

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SPACE #4: Living Room

I love this!! Neutral is my fav. I would just add some simple frames above the board and batten and add a plant for some color!

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