I am so excited to launch my first round of Spruce My Space by Come Stay Awhile! I get a lot of DMs on Instagram with people asking for decor advice for their home. Sometimes you get stumped and just want a second pair of eyes on your space! I thought it would be fun to launch a segment called Spruce My Space where I let you submit photos of your home and every Friday I will randomly select some and share my thoughts with you all on my stories. I am sure a lot of you have similar set ups in your home so by watching my design suggestions, it might spark ideas for you in your own homes!

How to Submit Photos:

SPACE #1: Dining Room

This person was asking how to spruce up their dining room area. I would recommend adding a sliding barn door to the entry into the kitchen. You wouldn’t have to keep it shut but it would fill that space to the right of the door and bring some visual interest. 

On the back wall, typically I would suggest a big gallery wall but since she has one already on the hallway wall (see left side of picture) I think adding a entryway table with some decor and a mirror would look awesome. See below for a mock up of what I would add on the back wall.

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SPACE #2: Living Room

This is the perfect place for a picture ledge! Click here to learn how to build your own. It is SO easy and can be done for under $20!. It can be tough filling a big wall like this and since she has a gallery wall on the other side I think a picture ledge with frames of varied sizes would really bring some nice visual interest to this space. I would also add some cream/neutral colored throw pillows to the couch to really brighten up the space!


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SPACE #3: Living Room/Dining

She was wondering what she should do on the dining room side of her living space. Because this space is separated by the pony wall I wouldn’t recommend doing to much in here because you don’t want to clutter the space. Instead, I would just add a tall plant in the corner and add a small wood sign above the door to match the height of the window next to it. Find one that has natural accents so that it matches your other natural wood pieces. You always want to try and match wood colors within your home. I also think she could swap the fixture to something that matches her lamp.


SPACE #4: Entry

This person was wondering what to do with this space in their entryway. She is replacing the door. I think a gallery wall using the IKEA ribba frames would be AMAZING here. I also think adding a simple rug and a plant would really cozy up this space.


SPACE #5: Dining Room

This space is STUNNING! They have done an amazing job in here so far. She is wondering what to put on the blank wall. It’s important to remember that sometimes less is more. Don’t feel like you have to fill every space on the wall. I think a basket wall would be so cute in here and go great with her decor. Check your local thrift stores for baskets!

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