What will it BEE?!

January 26, 2020

We had such an amazing day yesterday at our gender reveal. I first want to thank my cousin, Meghann, and my family members for helping throw the most amazing party. It truly was better than anything I could of imagined. Is this not the cutest gender reveal theme you have ever seen!?

The Party

The party was held at a cute little restaurant/bar in Davison, MI called The Davison Hotel. I loved the old charm of the building and the brick walls. We knew the party was happening (obviously) but my family kept all of the details a total surprise. I couldn’t believe how amazing everything looked when we walked in! We invited some of our family and friends and enjoyed some of their amazing appetizers while we mingled and waited for all the guests to arrive. I highly recommend the fried pickles! I usually don’t prefer them but dang I couldn’t put them down.

After everyone arrived we played a short game that was girls vs boys that was all about newborn baby/motherhood facts. I hate to admit, but the boys crushed us! Lol we still had a blast though.

It’s a…

After finishing the game, it was time for the BIG REVEAL! EEEKKK! Our families and friends were pretty split down the middle with their predictions. Most of my family thought girl and most of TJ’s family thought boy. It’s a weird thing because when I first found out I was pregnant, I thought girl… then I started feeling like maybe it was a boy and then couldn’t make up my mind. TJ has said boy from the beginning.

We revealed the gender by popping a balloon filled with colored confetti!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I can’t believe it’s official… we are having a SON!

A Letter to My Sweet Boy

Hi mister… it’s your mom, which feels so weird to say. I truly am overjoyed at the thought of having YOU as my son. I know that God handcrafted you and selected you for us and we can’t wait to meet you and see your little face. I am excited to build the mother/son bond with you and be your biggest cheerleader. You are already loved by your mom and dad so much and now that we know you are a little boy, we already feel so much more connected to you. We haven’t quite settled on a name for you yet, but know that much thought and consideration are going into it. We want your name to be just as perfect as you are. My belly is starting to grow and I love being able to look down and know that mamas little boy is in there. I could cry just thinking about all the memories we have to come. Your dad is SO excited to have you as his son. We can’t wait to watch you grow into an amazing young man. We are excited for the sporting events, snowmobiling trips, taking you and your friends tubing on the boat, climbing trees and all the fun boy stuff you are going to be interested in. Only 5 more months until we meet, sweet thing. 

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