Total Cost: $70

Step 1: Mix the Mortar

I used a white thin set mortar and chose for the consistency to be like a thick peanut butter, still easy to spread but not runny! It is easiest to mix the mortar with a drill and mixer attachment. The ratios for mixing are on the bag, but you can add more water to get the desired consistency.

Step 2: Apply the mortar to the brick

I wanted to make sure to cover all the brick. It was easiest to pipe mortar into the grout lines & spread mortar over the bricks with a putty knife. I used a damp sponge to wipe down the bricks and spread the mortar. It was a messy but simple process!

Step 3: Choose your look

Once I had all the brick covered, I had to decide how much I wanted to show through.  My friends for this project wanted less brick showing & more white.  To get the desired color, I wipe more mortar on with the wet sponge. There’s really no perfect technique for this, so just keep wiping & adding more mortar until you get the amount of exposed brick that you are looking for!

Ta-dah! The perfect German Schmear for under $70. A simple, beautiful addition to any space with brick or stone!

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