When we moved into our house in April, having an organized and functional garage was near the top of our priority list. We decided to kick off 2021 by finally tackling the garage! I have partnered with Extra Space to bring you some garage storage solutions. Function was our main priority with this project. IG has this way of making you feel like everything has to be “photo worthy” but sometimes functionality wins.

Things We Added:

Other Things We Plan To Do:

We live in Michigan and it is very cold right now. We plan to give the walls  fresh coat of paint in the spring as well as paint the floor! This will make a huge difference in the overall look of the garage and make it feel clean and fresh!

Before & Afters!



Extra Storage offers amazing self-storage solutions for all different types. Last year we stored our boat in our garage but decided it was taking up too much valuable space. We decided to use one of Extra Storage’s units to store our boat for winter so we had more room for our projects! If you are looking for a clean, secure solution for your storage needs click here to find a location near you!

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