I’ve got something special to share with you guys today! 🤩

We’re diving into Target’s new spring line with Studio McGee, and let me tell you, it’s like they raided my brain for what a perfect spring refresh looks like. 🌷✨ If you’re looking for a refresh but want to keep it budget-friendly, you’re in the right place. Let’s chat about some pieces that caught my eye, and how we might get into a bit of trouble (the good kind) trying to fit it all in our carts. 😉 Okay, here we go!

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The “Perfectly Styled Living Room” Rug

In my living room, one of my favorite spaces, I found this rug that just gets it. It’s stylish without trying too hard, and it’s got that “just right” vibe that Studio McGee nails every time. It’s durable enough to handle a little life chaos but chic enough to make you feel like you’ve got your decor game on point. Ideal for anyone looking to subtly elevate their space. Look how beautiful these rugs are below!

The “Affordable Yet Luxe” Accent Chair

Next up, an accent chair that completely won me over. It merges comfort with style, offering that upscale studio look without the high-end price tag. Just add a plush throw for the ultimate room accent! Shop some of my favorites from the collection in the slider!

The “Instant Kitchen Upgrade” Serving Board

Moving on to the kitchen – because let’s face it, we all want to be that person who has their life together (at least in the kitchen). This serving board isn’t just a serving board; it’s a statement piece. It says, “I serve cheese and crackers like they do in those fancy catalogs.” And honestly, it’s so pretty, that you might catch me using it as a backdrop for my next DIY project reveal. 

The “Your Own Vacation Spot” Patio Set

This patio set from the collection is giving me all the feels. It’s like Studio McGee knew we needed that perfect spot to sip our morning coffee and pretend we were on vacation. I do this every day, who else does? LOL Add some string lights and maybe a DIY fire pit, and you’re golden. Should I do this for my next project?! Love that idea!

The “Chic Storage Solution” Baskets

And finally, let’s talk about baskets! Seriously, who can resist them? Just like many of you, I find baskets to be that essential element that brings a sense of order to my home. They’re the secret weapon for making a space feel organized. Whether it’s for storing AJ’s toys or keeping throw pillows in check, baskets offer that extra bit of storage we all need. Plus, these aren’t just any baskets; they’re stylish yet affordable, adding a touch of luxury to your home. And they come in handy for hiding away those fabric scraps and paint samples too. 😅

Decor Pieces from the Studio McGee Spring Line

Moving on to the decor, my absolute favorite aspect of styling! A few key pieces can seamlessly pull together any room. Shea McGee has included some amazing pieces I will link below for you, I’m just obsessed with it all! 😍

Quick Wrap-Up

So there you have it– a sneak peek into my cart (virtual for now) from Target’s Threshold line designed by Studio McGee.

If you’re feeling inspired or just want to see me attempt to style these in my own home, stay tuned. And hey, why not join me in this decorating adventure? Because if there’s anything better than refreshing your space for spring, it’s doing it alongside friends! Am I right, or what?! 

Happy decorating, friends! And remember, it’s not just about making it beautiful; it’s about making it yours. Right now select items are 20% off! The sale ends on March 30th, 2024. Stock up on all of the Studio McGee items while you can! I know I’m going to! 

Big thanks to everyone who’s been following along—can’t wait to see where we go next!

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