I’m sharing my best tips and tricks to install cabinet hardware like a pro!

I know choosing new cabinet hardware and installing it can seem intimidating, but if you follow these steps, it will be quick, easy, and budget friendly!



Step 1: Pick Your Hardware

There’s tons of options when it comes to hardware. From color, to style, and budget, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right hardware to compliment your cabinets. My favorite place to find affordable cabinet hardware is Amazon, they have tons of choices for an unbeatable price. For this project, I chose a more modern style gold hardware to compliment my shaker style cabinets and match the vibe in the workshop! When deciding whether to use knobs or pulls, you’ll want to consider how to place the hardware on your cabinet doors or drawers to match your design style. The graphic below illustrates some ways you can place your hardware to make a statement in your space.

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Buying a hardware template is going to save you SO much time and stress when installing your cabinet hardware. If you don’t have a template, you’ll have to measure and mark every cabinet door and drawer while making sure each hole is completely level and exactly the same height. It’s a no from me, dawg! A template costs less than $10 and all you have to do is line it up, mark where you want your holes, and drill! It literally takes less than 30 seconds! The only measuring you’ll have to do is to find the centers of your drawers.

Step 3: Install the Cabinet Hardware

Now that your holes are drilled, you’re ready to install your new hardware! All you have to do is thread your screw through the back of the door or drawer, then screw on your hardware! I like to use a screwdriver so I don’t accidentally strip the screws. And just like that, you’ve easily updated your space with beautiful new hardware!

I’m obsessed with how the cabinet hardware looks in the workshop! It’s like adding jewelry to a cute outfit! Next up in the garage workshop renovation, I’m going to be hand painting a mural behind my mobile workbenches! You won’t want to miss it, so make sure you’re following along @comestayawhile on Instagram!

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