I’m loving this super practical storage rack I built to store my tools. It’s so easy that I’m confident you can build one, too! 

Don’t you hate when you’re in the middle of a project and you have to stop to dig through your tool bag to find your drill? This storage rack is the perfect solution for that! You can hang your drills upside down in the slots for easy access and organization! This is such a simple, beginner friendly DIY, just follow the steps below! 



Step 1: Measure & Plan

To build a storage rack exactly like mine, your cut list will be as follows:

Measurements are listed Length X Width

I put all of my measurements into opticutter.com to plan my cuts so that I get the most use out of my sheet of plywood! 

Step 2: Make Your Cuts

Instead of trying to run a big sheet of plywood through the table saw by myself, I prefer to use a piece of foam insulation board and my circular saw with a rip cut guide on the ground. I find that this is safer and easier for me to do when I’m working alone. Once I have the sheet cut down to a manageable size, I use my miter saw and table saw to cut the smaller pieces. 

Step 3: Assemble Your DIY Storage Rack

Once your boards are cut, assemble your storage rack! First, build the box out of the 12 X 9, 9 X 22 and 12 X 22 inch pieces using corner clamps to keep everything straight and securing with wood glue and brad nails. Then, put together the 3 X 9 and 2 1/4 X 9 pieces, so they make a T. Use a square to make sure the 3 inch board is perfectly straight and centered with the 2 1/4 board.  Finally, using bar clamps to hold everything in place, assemble the storage rack, spacing each shelf 1 3/4 inches apart. *NOTE* the width of your tools might be different than mine, so you may need to adjust the size of the gap to fit your tools.  

Step 4: Stain or Paint

Once your storage rack is assembled you can stain or paint it to match your space! For mine, I painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Templeton Gray, then sealed with polyurethane for durability. If you want to stain yours, make sure to prep with wood conditioner to prevent splotchiness and seal with polyurethane to achieve long lasting, beautiful results! *Pro Tip* make sure you’re using either all oil based products or all water based products so everything adheres and cures properly!

The Reveal!!

I’m obsessed with how this storage rack turned out!  I’m putting mine inside my cabinet next to my battery charger for easy access and organization, but you could also keep this on your tool bench or hang it on the wall! If you’re curious how I mounted my cabinets with outlets inside so I could charge my batteries and plug in my tools, check out this blog post

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