How Replacing Your Carpet Can Transform Your Space

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When we bought our house, getting new carpet was at the top of our to-do list. The carpet was old and worn out and we wanted something that was fresh. It took us about a year to pull the trigger on re-carpeting our entire upstairs but once we did it we wish we could have done it sooner! It totally transformed the space and made it feel like a new house.

If you are looking for new carpet, I highly recommend that you check out Plum Carpet!

The Process

  1. Take a look at some samples to decide which carpet color is the best option for you. We went with the color Tapioca! I felt like it was the best greige (gray + beige) that would match all of our furniture throughout the upstairs. Make sure that you take a look at the samples in the individual rooms so that you can see what the color will look like in that lighting.
  2. Plum will send you instructions with how to take your room measurements. It was all app based which was super cool and you follow the on screen directions to create a 3D rendering if your spaces! This is how they know how much carpet you will need. The process was easy and quick!
  3. You will schedule installation and your carpet will be installed by a professional! They were able to move our furniture and put it back for us! We just had to move the knick knacks.

Before + Afters!

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