DIY Pottery Barn Finish: How to Refinish Furniture to Achieve a Wood Grain Look

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This is easily one of my favorite DIY hacks ever! I love using paint and gel stain to completely transform wood. I used it for the first time on my front door, then I completely updated the paneling in my office and now I’m obsessed with this piece of furniture!

We have had this dresser as long as we’ve been married and I knew it was the perfect size for Jordan’s nursery. I love the style but not the finish. I hadn’t tried this wood grain technique on furniture before but I’m super happy with how it turned out!



Step 1: Prep!

I started by placing this plastic dropcloth under the dresser and then removing all the hardware from the dresser. It was pretty time consuming because some of the screws were stripped out, but I finally got them all taken off and I’m planning to replace them with something new when I’m finished with the dresser makeover.

Step 2: Sand

Since I’m doing this project inside I decided to use liquid sandpaper, but if I was able to do it in the garage or outside I would have use my orbital sander. Either way works, so whatever you have on hand or are more comfortable with. This was my first time using liquid sandpaper, and it was really simple. It is scentless, and I just used a microfiber cloth and applied in circular motions all over the dresser then waited for it to dry.

Step 3: Paint

I always use a mini foaom roller for projects like this because it doesn’t leave roller marks, and it helps the finish be even all over. I applied one coat, waited for it to dry, then applied a second coat. Don’t worry if you don’t get full coverage on the first coat, just trust the process!

Step 4: Create Faux Wood Texture

I’m using this decorative glaze in the color java brown from Home Depot. I’m applying it in a thin layer with a staining brush. Once it was the color I wanted I brushed over the top of it with the broom head to create the wood texture. The beauty of this project is that if you don’t like the results you can just add more stain to go darker, or re-paint and try again!

Once the furniture dries for 48hrs and isn’t tacky to the touch, seal it with a top coat! I’m using Minwax Polycrylic in a clear matte so it won’t change the look or finish of the furniture at all. After sealing I put the new hardware on, and I truly love how it turned out!

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