Antique Candle Co: Choosing Scents to Fit Your Space

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Antique Candle Company has quickly become my go-to when it comes to candles for our home. They are a small business out of Lafayette, Indiana and simply put… their candles are AMAZING.

They recently sent me a box of some of their candles and I thought it would be fun to talk about the impact your candle selection in the rooms of your home can make. We spend so much time designing our spaces and making them perfect. Ultimately the goal is to create spaces where friends and family want to come stay awhile, right? Well candles are a great way to tie the room together and create emotional experiences for your guests.

The Candles

I was so excited when I heard that Antique Candle Co. wanted to work with Come Stay Awhile! I opened my package to find 3 candles:

For a while, Clean Cotton has been my favorite scent. It is so fresh and airy and I can burn it year round. Well friends… today, I might have a new favorite. Have you gotten your hands on a Georgia Peach yet?! WOW. It smells like heaven in a jar. It is the perfect blend of sweet and fresh without being overpowering. Because all of these candles have such different smells, I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about my thought process behind choosing candles for certain rooms in our home.

Where to Place the Candles

Georgia Peach: Kitchen

In the kitchen, stick to smells that have sweet undertones. Example: you wouldn’t typically smell peach cobbler in your living room or bedroom. Only put these types of candles in places that make sense. Georgia Peach has the perfect blend of fresh, crisp scents matched with a light and sugary sweetness. It literally smells like you baked peach cobbler and had the windows open on a summer day. It’s a DREAM.

Clean Cotton: Entryway

Entryways are an important part of the home. They are what your guests first see when they enter. It is important that when your guests walk through the door that they are greeted with things that make them feel welcome. Candles are a great way to do this. Greeting your guests’ nose with something that is soft, clean and fresh is the perfect way to say welcome home. You want something that will blend with the room and not be too overpowering. Clean Cotton is one of my favorite smells because it makes me think of spring. This fresh, clean citrus blend is the perfect candle to burn year round.

Country Pear: Living Room

Country Pear is a great choice for a living room or bedroom. It has warm undertones of brown sugar vanilla that make you want to curl up with a good book. When people come into your living room they want to find a cozy space where they can relax. Adding a candle that has some warm textures to it, helps the space feel cozy and a place where your guests can come stay awhile.

Make sure you check out their website and order some of their candles so you can try them in your space. I know you will love any candle that you pick because they are all so yummy!

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