6 Carry-On Traveling Essentials

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Nothing feels better than going away on a trip and feeling organized. I have put together my list of 5 things you must have in your carry-on that I swear by! I also wrote a blog post about my 10 Essentials Items to Pack When Traveling to the Caribbean if you are interested in that!

The Bag

It is important that you choose a carry-on bag that is large enough for all of your things. Nothing is worse than having a bag that is too small and you are forced to just shove things in places that they don’t fit. My FAVORITE  travel carry-on bag is this one. I love that it is large enough to fit all my things/laptop/etc. and yet still looks stylish. It also has an inside pocket that is nice for organizing cords/small items.

Tote Shown Here

What’s In My Carry-On?

  1. Phone charger/Laptop charger
  2. Food/Hydration
    • My favorite airplane snacks are teddy grahams, pretzels or cheez-its (yes, I know I am a child.)
    • I also purchase a water to take with me once I am through security
  3. Advil/Excedrin/Pepto Bismol/Tampons/Chapstick
    • I have found that having a selection of over-the-counter fixes are KEY when traveling internationally (or anywhere really) You never know how you will react in a new environment/new food so its better to be safe than sorry. You can pay almost 3x the amount on these same products when you purchase in the gift store.
  4. Neck Pillow/Blanket
    • Neck pillows are always something you don’t necessarily want to spend money on but they are SO worth it. I find it is the only way I can sleep on a plane. I also have saved a small, thin blanket from a previous flight that I bring with me if I have extra room in my bag. They are always way overpriced at the airport so I recommend this $13.99 pillow from amazon.
  5. Entertainment
    • I am not much of a reader but I do love podcasts or catching up on TV shows. I always make sure that I bring my laptop (fully charged) and make sure that all of my shows/music are downloaded fully before we leave.
  6. Headphones
    • Headphones are a necessity on a flight. Even if you aren’t going to be listening to anything they can also serve as good sound barriers. These are some of my favorites.

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