4 Things to Remember When Booking an Extended Stay with Your Pets

||4 Things to Remember When Booking an Extended Stay with Your Pets

There’s no such thing as a hotel that won’t accept kids, but what about the pets we love and treat as though they are our children? Even though more hotels and rental properties are realizing they need to start catering to the four-legged members of our families, there are still obstacles to overcome to ensure your fur babies are able to enjoy an upcoming vacation just as much as you do. When planning a trip for the humans in your life the hardest part is usually just making sure you pack everything you’ll need while you’re away. When pets are involved, a few more steps get added to the planning process along with all the other extra steps that come along the way until you’re back home.

Verify Acceptability

Whether you’ve stayed in a hotel that’s accepted pets before or not, policies change all the time. Before you pack up your pet’s toys, bed, and food, you should always verify their policy in advance. Another thing to remember when you call to verify whether they accept pets or not is that some hotels will have restrictions on the types of pets that allow. Some hotels may say that they are pet friendly but won’t accept cats. Other hotels will say they allow dogs, but only up to a certain weight and only certain breeds. When booking your extended stay, be sure to give specific details about the pets that will be accompanying you. The last thing you want is to have your reservation canceled when you arrive because they won’t accept your pet.

Home Alone

Just like when you’re at home, there will be times during your vacation that will require you leave the room without your pets. Even the most pet-friendly hotels won’t want to deal with complaints from other guests about constant barking. First, make sure your hotel allows your pets to be left unattended and for how long. Then you need to give them time to acclimate themselves to the room. If you leave them alone in an unfamiliar place immediately after checking in, this will be sure to send them into a panic induced bark-fest. Establish the room as “home” so they’ll understand that you’ll be back once you walk out the door.

Bring Some of Home with You

Since they’ll be in an unfamiliar place, they’ll be pretty nervous no matter how much you sweet talk them. Bring their favorite toys to keep them entertained. Bring their favorite bed to make them feel safe and comfortable. If your dog is used to staying in a crate when you’re gone or at bedtime, be sure to bring it with you and cover it with a blanket from home so they can feel as close to home and comfortable as possible. Not only will this ensure they enjoy their trip as much as you do, they’ll also be more likely to stay quiet when you do step out for dinner.

Pet Friendly Activities

When you go on vacation and take your pets with you, you have to include some activities during your stay that will keep them happy as well. When booking your extended stay, ask about pet friendly walking areas or parks you can take them to so they’re able to run off some energy. The whole point of taking your pet along on your vacation is so they have fun too. Some awesome hotels offer doggy room service, doggy spa treatments, and even pet-sitting services. When booking your extended stay, inquire about these options to give your whole family, even the four legged members, a vacation they’ll never forget!


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