Signature Suites Now Featuring Artwork by Roy Laws

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Nashville (and middle Tennessee in general) is a place where one can find a wide variety of brilliant art, music, history, and culture, and it’s important to always support and showcase local works whenever possible.  You may have heard the phrase “support local” or seen a bumper sticker proclaiming as much, well here at Signature Suites it’s a part of our everyday.

Today is a special day, as we announce the installation of artwork by Nashville artist, Roy Laws in all of our suites!

Roy Laws, Nashville Artist

Using the energy of live events for most of his works, Laws paints portraits and other images that are bold in both color and shape.  They emote the immediacy and vibrancy of being in person, and the power of his images can be felt as the pieces sometimes take on a larger than life scale.

See more information about the artist and his works at, and next time you stay at one of our suites, you’ll have an opportunity to experience his artwork first hand!  All works are for sale, and can be purchased through our helpful staff, or the artist directly.