5 Tips for Long-Term Travel with Pets

||5 Tips for Long-Term Travel with Pets

Leaving your sweet dog or cat behind while you take an extended work trip or family vacation can be heartbreaking for all involved. Not all hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations, and if they do, the prices might just make taking your furry friend along impossible.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between travel and your four-legged friends. When you stay with Signature Suites, your pets are welcome to come along. To help you prepare for your trip, here are some handy tips for traveling with pets.

1. Crate Your Animals

Even if your pets love the open road, traveling in crates is much safer for you and the animals. Should anything cause distress, your pets will be contained. Without the ability to roam free within your car, they won’t be able to distract you from the road.

2. Plan for Accidents

No matter how accustomed your pets may be to travel, they may still have accidents. Carry plenty of towels and cleaning supplies with you so you can meet these instances head on. Keeping your pets in crates will help to cut down on potential messes, but you’ll still want to clean up as soon as possible to save your pet the anguish.

3. Make Plenty of Stops

Be sure to include time in your schedule for stops for your pet. If you haven’t planned for bathroom breaks or a quick walk with your dog, you could arrive at your destination much later than anticipated. Also, be sure you have the leash and garbage bags handy so you don’t need to dig through your luggage at every rest area.

4. Keep Food and Treats Close

You may not want to feed your pets too much before you start the journey. As a result, they’ll be hungry upon arrival. You really don’t want to have to dig through all your belongings to find the food and treats. With a dedicated pet travel bag, you can have toys, treats, and everything else your pet needs within reach at all times.

5. Start Your Routine Immediately

Your pets need their routine to stay as steady as possible. You can help them become accustomed to their new surroundings by jumping right back into your routine as soon as possible. Make sure the food and water is located in an area where they can easily access it. Take your dogs for their walks at regular times. Place the litter box in an area where the cats can find them right away. This return to routine so soon into your extended stay will reassure your pets, which means they’ll be much happier in the long run.

You deserve to have your four-legged friends with you all the time, but they also deserve happy, healthy travel. With these tips, traveling with your pets will be a breeze.


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