Surprising Affordability with Extended Stay Accommodations

||Surprising Affordability with Extended Stay Accommodations

Travel managers have a difficult job. Finding transportation and lodging for employees at the best possible price without compromising comfort and safety isn’t easy. For that reason, many traveling executives enjoy the luxury of excellent hotels to avoid the possibility of danger in unknown cities. The problem is that the cost can become overwhelming quickly, especially when executives need to stay for an extended period of time.

Signature Suites addresses this problem head-on. Unfortunately, many travel managers either don’t know extended-stay options are available or they believe the cost would be prohibitive. If you’re planning an extended stay soon, consider the money we could help you save.

Hotel Alternative

If you consider the fact that most hotels in safe areas cost one hundred dollars per night or more, then you know the costs add up very quickly. For a month, simple accommodations could soar above three thousand dollars. If the stay is even longer, the costs get higher. When executives want to bring their family and pets along to ease the strain of an extended stay, the costs simply go through the roof.

Dining Alternative

Travelers also quickly realize that dining out is the only option when their accommodations are hotel rooms. Without a small kitchen, complete with appliances, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, and other utensils, healthy and affordable eating is impossible. Companies that provide food allowances for travelers may make dining easier for the executive, but the family often isn’t covered.

These issues are solved with an extended-stay apartment through Signature Suites. One-bedroom and two-bedroom accommodations are available at a fraction of the cost hotel rooms incur. These units are fully furnished and provide full kitchens, so travelers don’t need to worry about a thing. Dining out can remain a luxury instead of a necessity. Families can come along without putting a strain on the space in a hotel room. Even the pets are welcome, so executives have friendly faces to welcome them after a hard day.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Signature Suites can save you money on extended stays without requiring the sacrifice of luxury or convenience, give us a call.


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