Not So Common Things You Need To See, Nashville

||Not So Common Things You Need To See, Nashville

It’s finally snowed in Nashville!  We were afraid winter was going to skip over us this year, but alas, snow has fallen and we have proven yet again that we are a city better equipped to take the day off than salt the streets if there’s a chance of weather. It’s times like this we’re reminded of those things we did with our parents when we were young, and that we take our children and grandchildren out to still to this day.  Don’t get us wrong, honky tonks are definitely still a good excuse to put on your cowgirl boots and scoot around.  But there are a some lovely Sunday and Monday things to check out when the bank is on a holiday.  Here’s a recommendation or two to get you started on your day off adventuring.

The Hermitage

This isn’t your normal plantation home.  The Hermitage, on Old Hickory Blvd between Old Hickory and Hermitage, is a great way to spend an afternoon getting to know some of not just Nashville’s, but our nation’s history.  You’ll be sat down do a quaint documentary about Andrew Jackson, and the home that you’re about to tour.  Then you’ll be given a tour through the home, and given a chance to comb through the garden and grounds.  Take your time, there’s a lot to see, and it really is a well-preserved part of history.  Also, look out for events at the Hermitage.  Whether it’s the Middle Tennessee Highland Games festival, or the Fall Fest, any chance that they get they’ll put vendors from across the state in their front yard and then you have even more gift shopping you can do.  And there’s usually music too.

Belle Meade Plantation

We’ll move on from plantation homes after this, but you really have to see this one too.  Just south of the city, this plantation home also carries a gift of history, but it provides even more for the curious palette.  You’ll get a guided tour and a self-guided tour of the grounds, and you’ll also receive an included wine tasting.  Belle Meade Plantation boasts an award winning winery on top of having been the premier American Thoroughbred breeder for over a century. It’s a place to come and relax, take in the view, be impressed by the history, and drink up the luxury.  You’ll love it.

Adventure Science Center & Fort Negley

Amidst our downtown live music, music studios, and museums about music, there’s another side to downtown Nashville.  The Adventure Science center is exactly what it sounds like, an adventurous journey through science.  Get behind the controls of a flight simulator and enjoy endless presentations with the well-educated staff of presenters. But get there early, you’ll want to avoid the overcrowded afternoons, and after lunch you can go next door to check out Fort Negley. The place has a rich story.  There’s a visitor’s center at the park and the interactive exhibits describe the 1862 surrender of Nashville and building of the fort.  It’s a great place to get educated on some little known Nashville-related civil war history, and walk off a few of those BBQ calories from your trip to Peg Leg Porker.

Enjoy Nashville while you’re here, and impress your friends with that insider info when you get home.  Let us know if there’s anything you need from us on your stay, and give us a call right away to book your next visit!

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