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Where to Enjoy the Changing Leaves in Middle Tennessee

||Where to Enjoy the Changing Leaves in Middle Tennessee

We may be a little biased, but we think Middle Tennessee is about the prettiest place in the country when the leaves start changing. Sure, New England gets a lot of attention, but we’re pretty sure Nashville could compete. If you love fall as much as we do, you may want to experience the bold colors of autumn for yourself. Here are some amazing places to enjoy the turning leaves before they come tumbling down.

Natchez Trace

If you love to go for a drive, then Natchez Trace is the path to take during fall in Tennessee. The winding road carves through miles of forest, with towering trees on either side of the car. The highway runs from Nashville all the way to Mississippi, and in between you’ll find adorable towns like Leiper’s Fork and famous attractions like the Loveless Café. These can all make for a great day out on a gorgeous autumn weekend.

Warner Parks

If you prefer the great outdoors to being cooped up in a car, then Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, also known together as Warner Parks, will give you all the fresh air and hiking trails you need. Just nine miles from downtown Nashville, both parks are convenient to those who love city life while also providing a quiet spot to get away from it all. You can even bring your bikes to ride along some of the nature trails.

Radnor Lake

There’s something about the fall colors reflected back on a calm lake that just soothes the soul, isn’t there? If you want to enjoy a serene day near the water, then we highly recommend the trails surrounding Radnor Lake. The entire park is a wildlife preserve, so you can’t bring your pups along for hikes inside the park. However, the road that circles the lake welcomes all the dogs, as long as they’re on a leash.


Nashville’s botanical garden is a 55-acre wonderland that really comes to life in the fall. As a perfect foil to the wild nature you’ll find at Radnor Lake, Cheekwood’s trees and gardens have been carefully cultivated to offer a taste of art with your autumn warm and fuzzies. Be sure to check the calendar before you go, because the garden and museum both host several activities and special exhibits during the holiday season.

Now, go forth and enjoy the beauty that Tennessee has to offer, and be sure to tell us if you think our colors could give New England a run for their money. As always, if you need anything to make your stay with us more comfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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