4 Nashville Area Haunted Attractions for the Perfect Halloween Thrill

||4 Nashville Area Haunted Attractions for the Perfect Halloween Thrill
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Halloween! Where the candy flows freely, the costumes come out, and the masses are desperate for the scare of their lives. Sure, Halloween is best known for the costumes and candy, especially for the younger generation, but one of the most iconic parts of the holiday are the Nashville area haunted attractions.

If you’re in Nashville for an extended stay, whether for a long work project or perhaps for a loved one’s medical procedure, you may be missing all the fun of Halloween at home. Well, have no fear (or rather, plenty of it!), as we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best haunted experiences the Nashville area has to offer this year.

Dead Land Scream Park

Ok, so the only thing better than a haunted house, is three haunted experiences in ONE! Starting September 21st, and running every Friday and Saturday until Halloween, the Dead Land Scream Park in Lebanon, TN, has three different attractions to enthrall and positively petrify you and your friends!

The Curse is a half mile unguided tour through the woods where you’ll be hunted down by three equally vicious members of the Walker Family that call this cursed and their own. Yet another terrifying wooded experience awaits at the Portal, where you’ll encounter the true face of fear as you cross the doorway into a nightmarish dimension! For a more traditional fright, the Crypt is an interactive cemetery filled with the damned spirit of a vengeful woman and the spiteful ghosts her hatred helped create. No matter which fright you choose, and we recommend them all, you’ll walk away never forgetting the thrill pumping scares you encountered in the Dead Land Woods.

Haunted Franklin

Escape rooms have seen their popularity increase over the past decade, and the concept lends itself well to a Halloween experience. Imagine being stuck in a locked room with no way out, using only your wits and the cooperation of your friends to free yourselves. Now, add in zombies or a crazed scientist and you’ve got yourself a screaming good time! They even have an escape room without a scare factor, making it perfect for all ages.

Haunted Franklin is appointment only, so get your family and a group of friends together this Halloween and get ready to solve the puzzle that will save your life!

The Bell Witch Cave

Tennessee’s celebrity ghost, the Bell Witch, calls a cave in Adams, TN, her home. The cave is open throughout the summer and again, of course, around Halloween. If you’re not familiar with our Bell Witch, you’ll hear a brief story about Kate Batts haunting the Bell family for years before finally causing the patriarch’s death. Even President Andrew Jackson was rumored to have had a run-in with the poltergeist. If you’re ready for something truly spooky, this is where you want to be for Halloween.

Nashville Area Ghost Tours

Now, if you’re in the mood for a more “realistic” haunting, there are plenty of areas with haunted histories in the Nashville area. Check out the Nashville Haunted Tours, which cover a wide variety of locations. You can check out our haunted taverns, see some spooky buildings, and even ride around in a hearse for the evening.

If you’re staying closer to Franklin, you may want to check out the Haunted Franklin ghost tours. Don’t worry; it’s family friendly. You’ll visit historic homes and plantations—including the Lotz House, which was named “one of the most terrifying places in America” by the Travel Channel—confederate graveyards, and even hear about a ghost or two on Main Street.

Different things scare different people, so we wanted to include a variety of terrifying options for you and your family to enjoy while you’re away from home. Most Nashville area haunted attractions are open from the end of September through Halloween, so you’ll have plenty of time to visit them all during your extended stay.

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