4 Local Businesses You Must Visit While in Nashville

||4 Local Businesses You Must Visit While in Nashville

As they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The whole point of going somewhere you’ve never been before is to experience something different. That’s why when you go on a vacation or road trip, you should always try to stop into businesses that you can’t normally find at home. If you’re from the midwest going to the beach for vacation, you don’t go to the same chain seafood restaurants that are back home. No, you go to the freshest seafood shack as close to the beach as possible. The same can be said when you visit our little/big city of Nashville.

So pack your bags, check out the weekly rentals in Nashville, TN and get ready to enjoy some of the best hometown business offerings our state capital has to offer!


The Belcourt Theatre

Ok, now we normally wouldn’t recommend taking in a movie while out-of-town on vacation. However, the Belcourt Theatre is a non-profit film center where Nashvillians and tourists alike can kick back and watch either a first run movie or an indie flick while drinking a beer or cocktail. It’s like the best of many worlds; you get to support a local business, watch a great movie, and enjoy a frosty beverage at the same time!


Eighth & Roast

If you need a cup of coffee before starting your day out exploring, we implore you to forego your usual Starbucks and visit your neighborhood Nashville roastery and coffee shop, Eighth & Roast. Their gourmet espresso drinks and breakfast menu can be the locally sourced fuel you need to jump start your day.


Czann’s Brewing Co.

Of course there are bigger and more mainstream breweries to visit in the Nashville area, none of them do it quite like the Czann’s Brewing Co. Run by owner/brewer Ken Rebman, this cozy taproom offers brews that are still made with the same care and attention as when he was brewing at home. This would be an excellent spot to grab a beer as your day out on the town winds down.


Green Fleet Bicycle Shop

Now, stay with us here. Sure they’re a retail spot for bicycle sales, rentals, and repairs, but there’s a little bit more than that to the Green Fleet Bicycle Shop. One of our favorite things to do when we have free time is to drive around the incredible neighborhoods around Nashville and see a glimpse of the city’s history. If you really want to see it for what it is, though, the best way is on a bicycle tour. The Green Fleet’s tour guides have long called Nashville home, and are best suited to give you the chance to see and learn about the best this city has to offer.


It would be impossible to list all the unique local businesses have to offer and it would be equally impossible to visit them all in one trip. There are plenty of safe and comfortable short term rentals around Nashville, TN, that will allow you to pack your bags and come stay for a visit whenever you want. There’s always something new to see and fantastic events in the city throughout the year, so feel free to come back anytime!


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