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Signature Suites luxury corporate housing is a less expensive and more comfortable alternative to staying in a hotel.

No one deserves to feel displaced, but when long-term stays are required for work, this is exactly what happens. Who can get comfortable in a cold, impersonal hotel room for months on end?

Signature Suites, Inc., one of the largest corporate housing firms in Tennessee, believes travelers on extended trips shouldn’t have to deal with accommodations that feel temporary. When you’re facing a long-term stay, you deserve the comforts of home.

Our services are ideal for people on extended training programs, long-term business assignments, on vacation, or in between homes.

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Signature Suites, Inc. was founded in January 2003.  For the past eleven years, Signature Suites has cultivated a reputation for providing comfortable, elegant living for executives and vacationers who want to feel at home, and will continue to do so for years to come.  Though still a young company, Signature Suites has grown to become one of the largest corporate housing companies in Tennessee.


Why Choose Us?

Signature Suites, Inc. is committed to meeting your needs and fulfilling your desires for a home while traveling or in transition. We give 110% and always go the extra mile to satisfy our clients’ needs. We are a “people-focused” company and believe in treating our guests like family.We’ll  find out as much as we can about you before you move in to your new home. This way we can personalize the space just for you. Whether you’ll have children staying with you or pets coming along, we do our best to make your new place home.